Tea Towel Tablecloth

Tea Towels aren’t just for drying dishes. Try this project to create a stylish tablecloth from the tea towels of your choice. They could all be the same design a select co-ordinating designs and colours.

From: Essentials magazine, 2014


Image from allaboutyou.com
Image from allaboutyou.com


6-12 tea towels


Sewing machine



  1. Measure your table and work out how many tea towels you will need to make your tablecloth.
  2. Take two tea towels and pin them right sides together along the long edge.
  3. Add a third tea towel to another long edge and pin together.
  4. Make sure the edges match up.
  5. Sew along the pinned lines using a sewing machine to make one panel.
  6. Repeat the process until you have enough panels to cover the table.
  7. Pin two panels right side together along the long length, ensuring that the joins line up.
  8. Sew together.
  9. Repeat with the remaining panels.
  10. iron the seams flat on the back.
  11. It’s ready to use!


  1. Choose tea towels in a similar fabric to avoid thick, bumpy seams.
  2. Another way in which you can arrange the tea towels for your tablecloth. Notice that one tea towel has been cut in half to create the very first and very last sections of the tablecloth.
Image from allaboutyou.com
Image from allaboutyou.com




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