Picnic Box Cushions

Hubby and I travelled down to the coast recently for an air show. Knowing that we’d be there for pretty much the whole day, I decide to splash out on a picnic blanket and a couple of cushions to make sure that we were comfy. However we’re now approaching the end of the Summer season so many of the shops have sold out of their Summer outdoor line, so all I could get in terms of cushions were a couple of cheap, inflatable seat pads!

But now that I’ve come across this project for making comfy box cushions for outdoor use, I’ll be well prepared for next Summer! Great for picnics, sitting out in the garden, park or beach, and even as indoor floor cushions, they have a handle attached making it easy to carry around. You can use any pretty patterned fabric you like but it’s best to use a strong cotton that can be washed each Summer.

From: Essentials magazine, 2014






Sewing machine



Cushion filling


  1. For the handle, cut out a rectangle of fabric 32 x 12cm.
  2. Fold in half lengthways, right sides facing.
  3. Sew along the long side hem.
  4. Turn right way through and tuck ends in.
  5. To make the cushion, cut out two squares 50 x 50cm and one long length 200 x 12cm.
  6. Pin the handle to the centre of the long front panel at either end and sew in place.
  7. Attach the top square of fabric to the long panel and sew in place.
  8. Line up the bottom square of fabric and sew.
  9. Leave a section at the back open to allow for the filling to be added.
  10. Hand stitch closed once filling added.



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