Hanging Herb garden

From: Essentials magazine, 2014

Image from www.birdsand blooms.com
Image from http://www.birdsand blooms.com



A printed list of herb names

Wrapping paper


wide sticky tape

Stapler or pins

Hanging shoe caddy

Selection of herbs

Sandwich bags

Image from www.birdsandblooms.com
Image from http://www.birdsandblooms.com



  1. Cut out the names of each of the herbs from the list.
  2. Cut out pieces of wrapping paper. They should be 2cm longer and wider than the cut herb label.
  3. Glue the herb names centrally onto the wrapping paper.
  4. Use the sticky tape to cover the front and back of each label to make it waterproof.
  5. Staple or pin each label onto the front of each pocket of the shoe caddy.
  6. Put your herbs inside a plastic sandwich bag with one or two holes in the bottom (for drainage.)
  7. Position in the correct pocket.
  8. Hang your herb garden up outside your kitchen door.




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