Crafts Lost and Found

Nostalgia Pie

Lost Crafts by Una McGovern Lost Crafts by Una McGovern

Starting a new job and moving into a new flat leaves me with precious little time to devote to my favourite pastime other than snuggling up to my gorgeous hubby – reading! However during a brief wander round my local Waterstones, I came across a delightful little book by Una McGovern called Lost Crafts. As a keen crafter myself, I thought I’d have a quick flick through and discovered lots of forgotten little gems: jam making; peel candying; making old fashioned sweets and traditional lemonade, cheese making… OK, so a lot of this does sound very 1920s which was a lot before my time and contrasts sharply with my erm, hard rocking image. But before we became an overworked, celebrity obsessed, technology ruled, throw away society who only ever see close family and friends via Facebook updates, people actually enjoyed such pursuits and these were considered great family…

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