Craft 101 #3: Appliqué Embellishments

Appliqué is a wonderful way to personalise clothes, accessories, home furnishings and even certain types of stationary. Designs can be created either by freehand, using stencils or tracing simple shapes.


For stitching method

Fabric scraps

Template paper

Tailor’s chalk

Dressmaking scissors


Embroidery scissors

Tacking cotton


For non-stitching method

Fusible web



  1.  Iron fabric scraps flat.
  2. Pin template to the right side of fabric.
  3. Mark a dotted line around template with chalk.
  4. Remove template and mark a 5mm seam allowance outside dotted line.
  5. Cut out shape using dressmaking scissors.
  6. Staystitch just outside the dotted line using 2mm stitches.
  7. Snip V-shaped cuts into the seam allowance around curves and corners using the embroidery scissors to make it easier to fold the fabric over.
  8. Fold seam allowance back onto the wrong side along the seamline.
  9. Use tacking stitches to hold seam allowance as you go along.
  10. Pin shape to background fabric.
  11. Secure round the edges with slipstitch.
  12. Remove the tacking.


  1. Cut out template without seam allowance.
  2. Place wrong side of fabric onto melting side of fusible web.
  3. Iron together.
  4. Cut out the shape.
  5. Iron gently paper-side up.
  6. Peel off the paper.
  7. Iron the appliqué to fix in place – you could damp cloth between the appliqué and the iron or iron from the wrong side of the background fabric.
  8. If you wish you could stitch a zigzag or embroidery stitch around the edges for decoration  and to prevent fraying.



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