Home-Made Pencil Cases

From: Tesco Living   YOU WILL NEED: Sheets of funky foam in assorted colours Chunky wool yarn Self-adhesive Velcro strips A sewing needle Scissors Two clothes pegs HOW TO MAKE: 1. Fold the foam sheet over by 10cm, to create the case section. 2. Hold the fold in place with a clothes peg at each… Continue reading Home-Made Pencil Cases

Awesome Pom-Pom Maker

  Pom-poms are a great embellishment for scarves, home furnishing and even paper crafts, and rumour has it that no woolly hat is complete without a big fluffy pom-pom on top! Everyone knows how to make pom-poms using the cardboard circle method – and I’ve made many this way. But avid pom-pom makers will be… Continue reading Awesome Pom-Pom Maker