About The Craft Room

I’m absolutely thrilled that crafts of all kinds are making a comeback. Where they were once considered twee and old-fashioned; something that your nanna or a Blue Peter fan might have been into, they are now being embraced by everyone.

And so it should be. Just as there is a particular type of sport or music for everyone to enjoy, there’s also a craft to suit every one – it’s just a question of finding it. I don’t believe people who say that they’re all fingers and thumbs or that they’re not artistic or talented enough to try their hand at something arty. To me, that just indicates that they haven’t fully explored their creative side – and we all have one. As with anything, it takes practice. But once you find a craft that really interests you, it’ll become second nature – and highly addictive. And yes, I do speak from experience!


Here at The Craft Room, we look at different types of crafts; speak to people who enjoy crafts and even make a living from it, and anything that’s even vaguely related to the world of crafts! And along with helping you to embrace your creative streak, I’ll also be sharing my own craft tales; letting you know what worked – and what didn’t! Of course there’ll also be lots of tips, advice and handy hints as well as an array of projects for you to try your hand at.


Some of you may be familiar with our sister site, The Recipe Box, which houses my collection of recipes which I have been collecting since I started secondary school. That’s a lot of recipes! And The Recipe Box is growing bigger all the time.


Well, the story about how and why The Craft Room was created is pretty much the same. I’ve been involved with crafts for more than a decade now. And in that time, I’ve tried many different types of arts and crafts and met crafters of all kinds. I’ve also been fortunate to be able to sell a lot of my work through shops.


As a result of my past endeavours, I have a million and one craft ideas – most of which have come from magazines. As with The Recipe Box, where I started putting recipes online in order to chuck out the numerous bits of paper which were cluttering up my room, I decided to put these craft projects that I have collected from magazines over the years online as well so that other people can enjoy them too. It would be a horrible waste just to throw away all these pages simple because I’ve mastered them and don’t need them anymore.

Crafts and all things arty have brought me a great deal of pleasure. I’m hoping that it’ll do the same for you too where you’ll be able to understand the satisfaction in creating something from scratch either for yourself, as a gift for someone else or to sell.




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